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The KGB-II is a dual-input high impedance, discrete audio pre-amp designed for high impedance, unbalanced signals including guitar, bass guitar and electronic keyboards. Just as a low-impedance, balanced pre-amp is a tremendous benefit for your microphones signal, a pre-amplifier designed for use with unbalanced high impedance instruments is also a critical component of great sound from a high-impedance sound source.The KGB Series contains high voltage, discrete op-amps with balanced output transformers by Cinemag, Inc. The KGB-II is a single-channel, solid-state unit that works well with guitar, bass or keyboards. It features an all metal chassis, milled aluminum knobs, balanced XLR gold pin Neutrik outputs, Switchcraft 1/4″ input jacks, bipolar electrolytic capacitors, 1% metal resistors, blue LED power indicator, four rubber feet and heat vents.ApplicationsOutput to Line-In to FOH or Stage Monitors.Output to Line-In on a Recording ConsoleOutput to Input of Digital Audio ConvertersOutput to Power AmplifiersTwo Discrete Inputs with ThruGain Select Switches for each channelHigh/Low- Phase Reverse Switch for each channelGain Lift SwitchExternal Power Transformer for a very low Noise FloorBalanced, line-level +4db output
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